TREX has been merged with RELAX to create RELAX NG. All future development of TREX will take place as part of the RELAX NG effort. Many of TREX resources on this page are already available for RELAX NG. The remainder will be converted in the near future.

TREX - Tree Regular Expressions for XML

TREX is a new language for validating XML documents.

I suggest you start by reading the tutorial. This assumes some familiarity with XML and XML namespaces. This article on XML namespaces would be useful background. There is also a (relatively) formal specification; this aims to be rigorous and concise; it is not light reading.

The following supporting resources are also available.

The following resources are available elsewhere.

TREX expects to partner with a datatyping language, such as XML Schema Part 2: Datatypes.

Related work includes:

James Clark