TREX task for Ant

Ant is a Java based build tool, which is becoming the build tool of choice for Java-based projects. Ant project files are written in XML.

Ant can be extended with new tasks. The TREX task for Ant allows you to efficiently validate multiple files against multiple TREX patterns and integrate TREX validation with other XML processing.

This version of the TREX task is for version 1.2 of Ant.

To use the TREX task, you must include a taskdef in your project file.

<taskdef name="trex" classname="com.thaiopensource.trex.util.TrexTask"/>

The trex task has a required trexfile attribute which specifies the file containing the TREX pattern. The files to be validated can be specified in two ways: the trex element may have a file attribute specifying a single file to be validated; alternatively, the trex element may have one or more fileset child elements specifying sets of files to be validated. For example:

<project name="example" default="validate" basedir=".">

  <taskdef name="trex" classname="com.thaiopensource.trex.util.TrexTask"/>

  <target name="validate">
    <trex trexfile="trex/xslt.trex">
      <fileset dir="xsl" includes="**/*.xsl"/>


When invoking Ant, you must ensure that trex.jar is in your class path, along with a jar file containing the SAX2 classes.